The liquid lipsticks Kylie Cosmetics: so wanted but do they really worth the hype?

The famousKylie Cosmetics red matte liquid lipsticks … At first, I will not deny that these products meant nothing to me at the beginning of this year. I was not a fan of red liquid in matte lips because I had tested some that left me dubious. The ones I tested had left me your lips dry and were very difficult to remove.

But Gwladys of Hair Related blog gave me the urge to test them. On YouTube, it was difficult to find reviews and tested on women with darker skin jusque’à I fall on the great YouTube channel with a beautiful fellow Shaynigne aka Too Much Mouth.

Its various swatch es helped me choose what to Kylie red lips Cosmetics could match my skin complexion.

Some shades made me feel like the K Posie but thanks to her, I could save $ 14.

Therefore, I decided to take these four colors to make my own opinion: these are Kourt K and Love Bite kits, True Brown K and Mary Jo K.

The Kourt K is a purple fit perfectly with the current trend. It really is very beautiful is my favorite from this selection. It is comfortable to wear, it is easy to apply and has a very pleasant odor.

Je porte le Kourt K

True Brown K is a warm brown wearable. I have often heard that it was not advisable for black skin wearing brown because it hardened the lines and it threw into relief the face of fatigue.

For me, this lipstick demonstrates perfectly that this is perfectly true and that we could afford this color that enhances my complexion perfectly.

Je porte le True Brown K

The Love Bite was a color I was afraid to wear. Indeed, the swatchant my poignant, I felt it was too light for my skin tone. And I’m pleased that I was totally wrong. It’s a beautiful nude color that is perfect for darker skin, comfortable to wear and highly pigmented.

Je porte le Love Bite

Mary Jo K is a very intense red. With Kourt K, I thought this color would go perfectly with my skin complexion. To my amazement, I got up and the swatchant as it seemed very bright. I have a preference for red to dark red lips because they are easy to wear and it is not necessary to work as the LAX ColourPop.

Combined with a dark color, this lipstick finds favor in my eyes.

You surely understand that this is the lipstick that I like the least because I have to mix it with another dark color (a dark purple or brown lip pencil) to bring. It is also the lipstick me most dry lips and that was the least comfortable to wear.

Compared to the others, it dries more my lips.

Je porte le Mary Jo K (à gauche) et le Mary Jo K associé au Creative de Color Pop

In conclusion, I am very satisfied with these lipsticks. The lipsticks are at a price that I find accessible. I was delivered in only 9 days and I was lucky not to have to customs fees.

However, they have two defects. You have to order a minimum amount of $ 60 for delivery abroad and after-sales service is not responsive enough (it is impossible to contact by private message on their Twitter and Facebook accounts).

Will you crack?

See you soon…