Highlight obsession

If he could not have a product that could symbolize the year 2016 in the world of beauty, it is the highlighter (illuminator in French, ed).

This product is a marvel which is one of my indispensable to finish my makeup. This is simple, I cannot do without me.

Various highlighters such as Dior, L’Oreal Paris, Carli Bybel for BH Cosmetics, Iman Cosmetics, Black Up, Black Radiance, the Balm or MAC Cosmetics.

With these makeup techniques such as strobbing (technique to highlight certain faces of areas such as the cheeks, nose and Cupid’s bow), this product is back in force in the hearts of beauty addicts.

I bought more than highlighter foundation this year. What if I told you I hated this before, you do not believe me.

I hated this was highlighted in many blogs and YouTube channels. I did not like this effect “mirror ball”.


But gradually, I am also making this addiction because of one of my favorite Jackie vloggueuses Aina beauty. And I came to realize that this is a great product provided to know what type of highlighter I had to get myself under my skin type.

There are liquid highlighters, powder, cream or as bright base. I have a clear preference for highlighters powder because they are very easy to work with and above it is possible to control the degree of product I want to put on my face.


And to be tested very expensive highlighters and other very low price, the difference is played on the brushes to use. I prefer to use the fan brushes for removal enough product on the area that I wish to highlight. Over these brushes have bristles, the more enjoyable to work the material.

From left to right: NYX Cosmetics Hema Smink Cosmetics Cosmetics Djulicious and Sedona Lace

For a daytime look, I prefer to play lightness as the picture where I carry the highlighter palette Contour Palette brand Black Radiance. This palette only cost me $ 4.


This product will make the difference in your make-up for the year-end holidays approaching fast. Most importantly, you let go.

See you soon…