How to choose the best concealer?

This is one of the questions that many beauty addicts arise before buying a concealer.

And to have to buy dozens and after following numerous tips from sales consultants but also on the internet, I know what fit me concealer and those that do not suit me.

We have seen many pictures ofcelebrities on the red carpet a concealer really too light about their skin complexion. This gives a white cast effect that is quite embarrassing to wear.

That’s why I want to share my tips with you so that you have makeup on top with mostly sunny days that are there.


There are a multitude of concealer to cover most of our needs. To talk about my personal case, I need a good concealer covering because I unfortunately well-marked circles.

We must make the difference between a corrector and a concealer: a corrector is intended to correct irregular complexion (like spots, differences in skin tones etc.) and a concealer which aims to give a more even skin tone and for some illuminate certain specific areas of the face.

The concealer is in the form of a stick with a foam tip, pump or in the form of pot.

The concealer with a foam tip can save the product and is easy to use for beginners in makeup.

Those Stick have the advantage of covering several areas of the face easily but the concern is that you can put in a lot and it is not accurate.

pot-shaped concealer allows to apply the product with your finger so to apply the material accurately. The concern for hygiene since the product puts his fingers.

Finally, the concealer with a pump possible to have the sufficient amount of product and apply as with a brush, a blender or with his fingers.

Those who work for me are for example: Pro Longwear of Mac CosmeticsThe concealer Naked Skin Urban Decay or the Radiant Creamy Concealer from NARS.


Warm hue refers to hot sub-tones and hue Coldfait reference to cold sub-tones. These sub-steps are easy to choose because it is enough to help with gold or silver metal to see what metal you will.

If the gold or hot metal you go, it is best to choose the shade Warm. If silver or cold metals you go, I suggest you choose the shade Cold.

It is important to differentiate sub-tone because when you take a by-your Coldquand sub-tone Warm okay, this will give you a dull, grayish complexion.



We can apply the concealer in different ways. It can be applied to the finger by tapping on the circle: this is one of the best ways to apply them.

You can apply it using a blender: not only does this give a precise application of the product but also it allows you to adjust the dose to use.

Finally, you can apply it with a brush: personally I think this gives a less natural result because you can see a line between the foundation and concealer.

See you soon…

Three ways to avoid having a too light or dark foundation

Who has not accidentally bought too light foundation or too dark for her complexion?

I had the misfortune of having this concern several times regarding foundations drugstoreou specialized perfumery. And I had to throw, against the heart, some foundation because it felt to wear a mask on my face.

As you know and as I explained in my last video Youtube neutral hues give me a gray and dull complexion. I have to make foundations with an orange or a red undertone in some cases: those fit me well.

I have few foundations that do not suit me but I found three tips you can try before using your foundation.


When makeup designer The Body Shop were released some time ago. I will not lie to you, when I heard about these products, I was pretty doubtful.

How could adjust product too light foundation or too dark with a few drops. I tested it on two foundations, one of which is too light for my skin tone (Dream Satin Fluid Maybelline  No. 68 “Caramel Amber”) with dark complexion creator. Honestly, the foundation became a little darker and applying it to my face, I could see that the foundation was better in my skin complexion. It does not change the nature of the foundation.

For cross complexion of All Day Bright NARS Khartoum hue, white complexion creator was able to clarify the foundation of color without changing its nature. It could give it more adaptable to my skin complexion.


This may seem surprising, but I never thought to combine two foundations to get the perfect color for my skin complexion. I always had the chance to find a foundation that suited me without seeking the need to mix it. By mixing the foundations, I fear it gives me too thick aspect to my skin. Finally, I am totally wrong: I had the intended result.

I try it by combining foundationKat Von D ( No. 76 Warm) with my liquid foundation matting ( No. 15) Black Up.



Yes, your mattifying powder perfect your makeup can save many furniture. In my last video I showed you how my mattifying powder Chanel(Hue No. 60) had allowed me to adjust to perfection a little too yellow tint my Kate Von foundation D.

All you have to do is apply your powder as your habit on your too light foundation and voila.

See you soon…

DIOR… J’adore

2016 was a great year of discovery among luxury brands. I note with delight that there are more shades suitable for dark skins.

Certainly, there is not enough but it is a good start. Last year, I spoke with foundation Diorskin Forever bottom of happiness right here and it became one of my favorite foundations. It is suitable for combination to oily skin, it is easy to apply and the record is clear. We do not need to put tons for rendering desired.

I advise you to apply using the Backstage Blender. It is a makeup sponge allowing a flexible cover. I was quite dubious when my big sister had advised me early in the year 2015. The great advantage of this sponge is that one does not need to wet the material and to apply it n ‘ not absorb a lot of product. I went straight to buy it on the website of the brand and was delivered in a week. There were worries delivery and I must say that the after-sales of the brand have been great: their adviser had even called me to make sure I had the product, while the amount of the control s’ amounted to just 17 euros. Other after-sales services should follow their example.

Let’s come to the illuminating powder that I’d briefly show you in an article. It’s about theDiorskinNude luminizer Powder: A beautiful highlighter that highlights perfectly the areas of the face ( cheekbones and the nose tip) without being overbearing. I think it is a beautiful highlighterpour day and night: a kabuki brand is offered. It is available in pink tinted, gold or bronze.

I also tested the lipstick matte Poison Matte. As the name suggests, it is a red matte lips. Since the arrival of red liquid in matte lips, I really difficult to buy red matte lips to stick. The advantage of this lipstick is that it does not dry lips and matte although it may have a finite limit if a glossy moisturizing base is put on the lips before applying lipstick.

And finally, let’s talk mascara: a killer. I do not weigh my words about the Diorshow Iconic Curl which makes his job very well. Its curved brush allows for curved and elongated lashes. While it is pricey but well worth it.

Have you ever tested DIOR products?


See you soon…


ColourPop way of life

Red matte liquid lipstick quality for 5 euros (shipping included) it exists? I can tell you, it exists and it is ColourPop who did it.

This brand, popular with makeup addicts on social networks and especially on Instagram, was part of my wishlist beauty of 2016. I had long hesitated to order until the end of July 2016 good news falls : ColourPop book internationally and for free for a minimum of 50 US dollars or about 48 euros.

And I have not been disappointed by products of this brand on the contrary because they have some advantages:

  • colors suitable for all skin complexions
  • high quality products
  • a simple and effective packaging
  • regular promotions
  • a good after-sales service (they offered me the Finder’s Keepers to apologize for the delay in delivery and quickly respond to emails)
  • for unbeatable prices

During my first order placed late September 2016, I ordered 6 matte liquid lipsticks, two highlighters, a black gel eyeliner and a moisturizing lipstick.

I made a new order during Black Friday, I ordered 6 in matte red lips liquid, a highlighter, three eye shadows and two lip liners (see the first image of the article with the Limbo, the Hutch the Concept, the Sookie, Are N  Be and the Finder’s Keepers).

Eyeshadows are pigmented like their highlighters. Avalon highlighter became my fave.Et what about their lipsticks that, to my astonishment, are not asséchants and offer beautiful colors.

But there are also negative things to say about the brand:

  • this is not the fault of the brand, but I always paid at least 23 euros Customs on every order (so the next time I pass by Relay Shop USA or Shipito)
  • writing on lipsticks deteriorates very quickly.

Except these negatives, I recommend this brand which is accessible to the largest world and has nothing to envy to other brands.

Have you cracked? If so, what products you bought?


See you soon…


Affordable high-end products with Djulicious Cosmetics

Well-being, joy, fun: these words represent the brand Djulicious Cosmetics.

The first time I had ordered brand products was in March 2015. I wanted to test these brushes which we kept saying good.

I took the brush bufferpour apply your foundation No. 516 and the brush 560 ° contouringn to perfectly trace its contouring.

With the buffer brush, applying the foundation is pleasant: it is not necessary to put a lot of material to have a uniform effect on the entire face.

The contouringme brush makes life easier to perfectly apply my stroke contouring: with this brush, it is impossible to err in applying its product contouring and it can be used with a product in a stick or a powdery product.

Having been satisfied with my first order, I wanted to offer me a new set of brushes Flawless Complexion: a collection composed of five brushes complexion.

In this collection, there are:

  • an Oval brush to apply your foundation
  • a concealer brush No. 530 for applying liquids or creams textures
  • a powder brush No. 506 needed to implement its powders, his tan etc …
  • a duo fiber brush blush No. 510 to sculpt cheeks and facial contours
  • a duo fiber brush range No. 518 to apply her highlighter and eliminate powder residue (such as blush or eye shadow).

This brush set is perfect both for collectors but also for beginners in makeup because there are tools to make her complexion perfectly without a pack effect.

I wanted to get my makeup products because Julie not only makes quality brushes.

On the occasion of the holiday season, I wanted to buy meToxic Poison Collection GirlsFever in collaboration with the blogger Peek A Boo and a highlighter theLimie (Light Creole, ed.)

I am fully satisfied of these products : the matte lipstick is comfortable, it does not dry out my lips and it is very beautiful to wear.

As for the highlighter, he puts the face value and its golden color brings light: one can even use the corner of the inner eye. By cons, be careful not to put tons to avoid the effect mirror ball.

The after sales service is very responsive and I’m always delivered in 48 hours maximum.

And to this day, I have not yet found negative opinions about products sold by Djulicious Cosmetics.

See you soon…

Les liquid lipsticks de Kylie Cosmetics: tant désirés mais valent-ils vraiment le coup?

Les célèbres rouges à lèvres liquide mattes de Kylie Cosmetics… Au début, je ne vous cache pas que ces produits ne me disaient rien au début de cette année. Je n’étais pas très fan des rouges à lèvres liquide mattes car j’en avais testé certains qui m’avaient laissé dubitatives. Ceux que j’avais testé m’avaient laissé les lèvres tes sèches et étaient très difficiles à démaquiller.


Mais Gwladys du blog Hair Related m’avait donné l’envie de les tester. Sur YouTube, il m’était difficile de trouver des avis et des testes sur des femmes ayant la peau foncée jusque’à ce que je tombe sur la super chaine YouTube d’une très belle compatriote Shaynigne aka Too Much Mouth.

Ses différents swatch es m’ont aidé à choisir quelles rouges à lèvres de Kylie Cosmetics pouvaient correspondre à ma carnation de peau.

Certaines teintes me faisaient envie telles que le Posie K mais grâce à elle, j’ai pu économiser 14$.

C’est pourquoi, j’ai décidé de prendre ces quatre teintes pour me faire mon propre avis: il s’agit des kits Kourt K et Love Bite, du True Brown K et le Mary Jo K.

Le Kourt K est un violine qui sied parfaitement à la tendance du moment. Il est vraiment très beau, c’est mon préféré de cette sélection. Il est agréable à porter, il est facile à appliquer et il dégage une odeur très agréable.

Je porte le Kourt K

Le True Brown K est un marron chaud agréable à porter. J’ai souvent entendu dire qu’il n’était pas conseillé aux peaux noires de porter du marron car cela durcissait les traits et cela mettait en relief les marques de fatigue du visage.

Pour ma part, ce rouge à lèvres démontre à merveille que cela est parfaitement faux et que l’on pouvait se permettre cette couleur qui rehausse à merveille mon teint.

Je porte le True Brown K

Le Love Bite était une couleur que je redoutais de porter. En effet, en le swatchant sur mon poignant, je trouvais qu’il était trop clair pour ma carnation. Et je suis heureuse de constater que j’ai eu totalement tort. C’est une belle couleur nude qui est parfaite pour les peaux foncées, agréable à porter et très pigmentée.

Je porte le Love Bite

Le Mary Jo K est un rouge très intense. Avec le Kourt K, je pensais que cette couleur qui irait parfaitement à ma carnation de peau. À mon grand étonnement, je suis tombée de haut en le swatchant car je le trouvais très éclatant. J’ai une préférence pour les rouges à lèvres rouge foncé car ils sont faciles à porter et il n’est pas nécessaire de les travailler comme le LAX de ColourPop.

Associée à une couleur foncée, ce rouge à lèvres retrouve grâce à mes yeux.

Vous avez sûrement compris que c’est le rouge à lèvres que j’aime le moins car je suis obligée de le mélanger à une autre couleur foncée (une violine ou un crayon à lèvres marron) pour le porter. C’est aussi le rouge à lèvres qui m’a le plus asséché les lèvres et qui a été le moins agréable à porter.

Comparé aux autres, c’est celui qui m’a le plus asséché les lèvres.

Je porte le Mary Jo K (à gauche) et le Mary Jo K associé au Creative de Color Pop

En conclusion, je suis très satisfaite de ces rouges à lèvres. Les rouges à lèvres sont à un prix que je trouve accessible. J’ai été livré en seulement 9 jours et j’ai eu la chance de ne pas avoir de frais de douane.

Pour autant, ils ont deux défauts. Il faut commander pour un montant minimum de 60$ pour une livraison à l’international et le service après-vente n’est pas assez réactif (il est impossible de les contacter en message privé sur leurs comptes Twitter et Facebook).

Allez-vous craquer?

À très vite…

Highlight obsession

Si il ne pouvait avoir qu’un produit qui pouvait symboliser l’année 2016 dans le monde de la beauté, c’est bien le highlighter (enlumineur en français, ndlr).

Ce produit est une pure merveille qui est un de mes indispensables pour finir mon maquillage. C’est simple, je ne peux plus m’en passer.

Différentes highlighters tels que ceux de Dior, L’Oréal Paris, Carli Bybel pour BH Cosmetics, Iman Cosmetics, Black Up, Black Radiance, the Balm ou encore MAC Cosmetics.

Avec ces techniques de maquillage telles que le strobbing (technique visant à mettre en valeur certaines zones du visages telles que les pommettes, le nez ainsi que l’arc de Cupidon), ce produit est revenu en force dans le coeur des beauty addicts.

J’ai acheté plus de highlighter que de fonds de teint cette année. Et si je vous disais que je haïssais ce produit auparavant, vous ne me croyiez pas.

J’avais horreur de ce produit qui était mis en valeur dans de nombreux blogs et autres chaines YouTube. Je n’aimais pas cet effet “boule à facettes”.


Mais petit à petit, je me suis aussi mise à cette addiction à cause de l’une de mes vloggueuses beauté préférées Jackie Aina. Et j’ai pu me rendre compte que c’est un produit génial à condition de connaitre quel type de highlighter je devais me procurer selon mon type de peau.

Il existe des highlighters liquide,en poudre, en crème ou sous forme de base très lumineuses. J’ai une nette préférence pour les highlighters poudre car ils sont très faciles à travailler et surtout il est possible de maîtriser le degré de produit que je souhaite mettre sur mon visage.


Et pour en avoir testé des highlighters très chers et d’autres à très bas prix, la différence se joue sur les pinceaux à utiliser. Je préfère utiliser les pinceaux éventails qui permettent de déposer suffisamment de produit sur la zone que je souhaite mettre en lumière. Plus ces pinceaux ont de poils, plus il est agréable de travailler la matière.

De gauche à droite: NYX Cosmetics, Hema, SMINK Cosmetics, Djulicious Cosmetics et Sedona Lace

Pour un maquillage de jour, je préfère jouer la légèreté comme sur la photo où je porte le highlighter de la palette Contour Palette de la marque Black Radiance. Cette palette ne m’a coûté que 4$.


Ce produit fera la différence dans vos maquillages pour les fêtes de fin d’année qui approchent à grands pas. Surtout, lâchez-vous.


À bientôt…