Pop up your hairstyle

Dream your life colors, this is the secret of happiness!” as so aptly Peter Pan in Disney.

I do not like doing the same things (except when it comes to food): I think it gives a good redundant side to life.

The colors give a positive aspect to life and decorate it in their own way: I think it gives a little more.

MamaRose braids

That’s why I wanted to again compliment my hairstyle with color but an unusual color: the ombré hair.

I’ll tell you frankly, I never really appreciated the way the shadow had swept hairqui recent years.

But when I saw Danielle blog BestofD brought these strands with class, I had seen the shaded hair in a new light.

That’s how I discovered the shaded strands MamaRose Beauty: A range of hair and braids crocheet-shaded high quality.

MamaRose braids

I had never touched such a quality synthetic locks: I felt that it was weaving strands.

I had just cut my hair again myself and I have more and more trouble managing my volunteer with smooth lengths. I wanted to again change and yield slightly to ease in handling least my hair.

I had initially go to my favorite salon Majestics Cosmetics. For me braids but I forgot to confirm my appointment: procrastination when you hold us.

MamaRose braids

I called homeDaba Fashionto see if they could take me for March 16 in the morning and this has been possible.

The experienced hairdresser Daba Fashion should take a little longer because the strands slipped through his fingers.

I have also chosen the color Amy 24 inches to make the cut (I took 5 packs) and the hairdresser has not had the need to cut the hairdresser mèches.La took almost 4 hours half to make me this beautiful hairstyle inspired Danielle. It reminds me of the cup that Beyonce wore for her video training.

I can say I am very happy hairdressing, it is not heavy. The only fault I could give him was that I had a stiff neck early because I had a bad habit of bending my head to the right, but it is within my sole responsibility.

For those who prefer the hook braids, Mamarosa also hook-shaded braids.

These are bits that I recommend eyes closed.

PS: The welcome code “WELCOME” allows you to receive 10% off your first order, I used myself.