Hair Rebirth

“You know miss, you have excellent hair roots!”

This sentence, spoken by my dermatologist, still reasons in my mind and makes me smile. For those who are subscriber (s) to my YouTube Channel, I faced a fall and a novel capillary breaks when I saw my hair fall to the package from June 12th to the end of November 2016.

Many thought it was due to my last relaxer but this exceptional fall was caused by stress. For nearly 18 years I straightens my hair and if that had been the cause of my fall, I would have lost ALL my hair.

Now, after the examinations by my dermatologist, the ax fell: I have faced the stress of my job situation.

The dermatologist advised me rest, stopping caffeine, eat less fat, exercise more. And especially to handle at least my hair with a regular intake of food supplements.

And his advice paid off, I see by observing my hair found little by little, their original thickness.

To see these results, I made some adjustments in my hair routine …



I started to use more shampoo and conditioner protein to fortify my hair. The protein’s role shampoo to wash the scalp but to strengthen the surface. Indeed, unfortunately, the African hair (whether denatured or not) is the hair that has a most superficial implantation (implanting beneath the skin of 2.5 mm) which makes it a more brittle hair. Therefore, it is imperative to include hair products protein in her hair routine.

I also use deep protein treatments to continue to strengthen in depth my hair. I applied once per week maximum. I put my carefully wrapped in cellophane and I spend the heating hood for 15 minutes max before rinse carefully.


Results: very little hair in the tub and hair stronger.



The scalp massage is something I had neglected for lack of time. However, this method has clear advantages: It helps relax the mind and stimulates blood circulation.

With my oil applicator bottle Palma cristi (black castor oil of Haiti), it helps to distribute effectively the oil on my scalp without surplus.

Massaging daily scalp stimulates hair growth.


    I had neglected taking supplements after the month of May because I multiplied omissions and as my treatment is finished, I had decided not to renew my cure.

I expected Black Friday to renew my cure The Mane Choice I am with great attention. In the past, these food supplements made me the most good: my hair grew thicker and I lost very little hair every day or during my weekly cleaning session. This had a positive impact on my nails since they have become stronger and more. You could observe if you follow me on my Instagram account.



    Capillary hydration passes through two methods: one external and one internal. Let’s start with the external source, these hair products. I advise you to always have shampoo, condition, a leave-in (leave-ed) and a hydrating moisturizer.


These products allow hair to regain flexibility, moisturize and detangle easily. Avoid taking too many chemicals containing products (such as sulfate, petrolatum, mineral oil and Co.) because it irritates the scalp and dry. Prefer products containing water and glycerin in the first 5 ingredients.

Turning to the internal source, this is food and drinks. Drinking water is very important to moisturize your body from the inside, it saves you from having cramps after exercise and it helps to regenerate the cells of your body.

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Drink at least 1.5 liters of water is good for the body. Beside that, it is important to reduce consumption of soft drinks and alcohol that are rich in carbohydrates and other hidden sugars. Over consumption of sugar has a bad impact on his health (risk of diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver for alcohol) and it’s not good for the hair.

Prioritize a varied diet without depriving yourself of some pleasure, the key is to moderate or limit the excesses and combine everything with a weekly physical activity.

See you soon…