Pop up your hairstyle

Dream your life colors, this is the secret of happiness!” as so aptly Peter Pan in Disney.

I do not like doing the same things (except when it comes to food): I think it gives a good redundant side to life.

The colors give a positive aspect to life and decorate it in their own way: I think it gives a little more.

MamaRose braids

That’s why I wanted to again compliment my hairstyle with color but an unusual color: the ombré hair.

I’ll tell you frankly, I never really appreciated the way the shadow had swept hairqui recent years.

But when I saw Danielle blog BestofD brought these strands with class, I had seen the shaded hair in a new light.

That’s how I discovered the shaded strands MamaRose Beauty: A range of hair and braids crocheet-shaded high quality.

MamaRose braids

I had never touched such a quality synthetic locks: I felt that it was weaving strands.

I had just cut my hair again myself and I have more and more trouble managing my volunteer with smooth lengths. I wanted to again change and yield slightly to ease in handling least my hair.

I had initially go to my favorite salon Majestics Cosmetics. For me braids but I forgot to confirm my appointment: procrastination when you hold us.

MamaRose braids

I called homeDaba Fashionto see if they could take me for March 16 in the morning and this has been possible.

The experienced hairdresser Daba Fashion should take a little longer because the strands slipped through his fingers.

I have also chosen the color Amy 24 inches to make the cut (I took 5 packs) and the hairdresser has not had the need to cut the hairdresser mèches.La took almost 4 hours half to make me this beautiful hairstyle inspired Danielle. It reminds me of the cup that Beyonce wore for her video training.

I can say I am very happy hairdressing, it is not heavy. The only fault I could give him was that I had a stiff neck early because I had a bad habit of bending my head to the right, but it is within my sole responsibility.

For those who prefer the hook braids, Mamarosa also hook-shaded braids.

These are bits that I recommend eyes closed.

PS: The welcome code “WELCOME” allows you to receive 10% off your first order, I used myself.

Three ways to avoid having a too light or dark foundation

Who has not accidentally bought too light foundation or too dark for her complexion?

I had the misfortune of having this concern several times regarding foundations drugstoreou specialized perfumery. And I had to throw, against the heart, some foundation because it felt to wear a mask on my face.

As you know and as I explained in my last video Youtube neutral hues give me a gray and dull complexion. I have to make foundations with an orange or a red undertone in some cases: those fit me well.

I have few foundations that do not suit me but I found three tips you can try before using your foundation.


When makeup designer The Body Shop were released some time ago. I will not lie to you, when I heard about these products, I was pretty doubtful.

How could adjust product too light foundation or too dark with a few drops. I tested it on two foundations, one of which is too light for my skin tone (Dream Satin Fluid Maybelline  No. 68 “Caramel Amber”) with dark complexion creator. Honestly, the foundation became a little darker and applying it to my face, I could see that the foundation was better in my skin complexion. It does not change the nature of the foundation.

For cross complexion of All Day Bright NARS Khartoum hue, white complexion creator was able to clarify the foundation of color without changing its nature. It could give it more adaptable to my skin complexion.


This may seem surprising, but I never thought to combine two foundations to get the perfect color for my skin complexion. I always had the chance to find a foundation that suited me without seeking the need to mix it. By mixing the foundations, I fear it gives me too thick aspect to my skin. Finally, I am totally wrong: I had the intended result.

I try it by combining foundationKat Von D ( No. 76 Warm) with my liquid foundation matting ( No. 15) Black Up.



Yes, your mattifying powder perfect your makeup can save many furniture. In my last video I showed you how my mattifying powder Chanel(Hue No. 60) had allowed me to adjust to perfection a little too yellow tint my Kate Von foundation D.

All you have to do is apply your powder as your habit on your too light foundation and voila.

See you soon…

BEAUTY HACKS: having beautiful long and strong nails for all

It’s hard to believe but I have long gnawed my nails. It was a bad habit that began in childhood and I suddenly stopped on the way to adulthood.

I have no quick fix for those who bite yet but I would go make an appointment with a specialist for it to find a solution.

It’s been months or years that I was asked she was the miracle solution to have long natural nails: because yes, those are my nails.

And today I can share with you my tips for you to have you too long nails.


Yes, eating with mental health are key factors for healthy nails. Although this sounds repetitive, have a diverse diet and drink at least 1.5 liters of water will allow you, at first to have stronger nails with a better appearance. Indeed, nails and hair enable us to be alerted to the disturbances of our body.

Let’s talk about the mental state: when morale is rosy, nails keep their normal appearance and does not break easily. But, unfortunately, when we are stressed or when one has the moral socks, nails become brittle and tend to break more easily.

If you are in this situation, try to relax and put you in mind that bad weather does not last long.


I take care to buy nail polish with minimum quality.The Herôme nail polish for soft nails allows nails to be harder and grow them in 14 days. Since I mainly use the veneer of Dior brand, my nails are in much better condition when I remove the lacquer: they have a less dull shade and they had a good week even doing dishes every night.

Emphasize the acetone-free remover to avoid unnecessarily irritate your nails but mostly dry them. There are all kinds on the market.


Daily care plays a key role for beautiful strong nails. In everyday life, I put moisturizer on hands and I ms mass attentively my fingers and my nails so they stay perfectly hydrated. Cleansing products attack our skin, added to pollution, this weakens the nails.

I also apply argan oil on the birth of my nails and especially the cuticles to make them less dry and less coarse. Argan oil also has the virtue of improving the appearance of the nails and the nail feed with vitamin E.


    The material also has a role to play. I urge you to cast your metal or wood file very flexible because the material weakens your nails and cause mini fissures. Result, although your nails continue to grow, they continue to be brittle so they break thereafter.

Focus of glass nail files that you can find at Sephora or at Kiko. These files (which were originally created for false nails) help file nails with precision and regularity. Since I use them, I do not have nails that crack or become brittle.


See you soon…

Hair Rebirth

“You know miss, you have excellent hair roots!”

This sentence, spoken by my dermatologist, still reasons in my mind and makes me smile. For those who are subscriber (s) to my YouTube Channel, I faced a fall and a novel capillary breaks when I saw my hair fall to the package from June 12th to the end of November 2016.

Many thought it was due to my last relaxer but this exceptional fall was caused by stress. For nearly 18 years I straightens my hair and if that had been the cause of my fall, I would have lost ALL my hair.

Now, after the examinations by my dermatologist, the ax fell: I have faced the stress of my job situation.

The dermatologist advised me rest, stopping caffeine, eat less fat, exercise more. And especially to handle at least my hair with a regular intake of food supplements.

And his advice paid off, I see by observing my hair found little by little, their original thickness.

To see these results, I made some adjustments in my hair routine …



I started to use more shampoo and conditioner protein to fortify my hair. The protein’s role shampoo to wash the scalp but to strengthen the surface. Indeed, unfortunately, the African hair (whether denatured or not) is the hair that has a most superficial implantation (implanting beneath the skin of 2.5 mm) which makes it a more brittle hair. Therefore, it is imperative to include hair products protein in her hair routine.

I also use deep protein treatments to continue to strengthen in depth my hair. I applied once per week maximum. I put my carefully wrapped in cellophane and I spend the heating hood for 15 minutes max before rinse carefully.


Results: very little hair in the tub and hair stronger.



The scalp massage is something I had neglected for lack of time. However, this method has clear advantages: It helps relax the mind and stimulates blood circulation.

With my oil applicator bottle Palma cristi (black castor oil of Haiti), it helps to distribute effectively the oil on my scalp without surplus.

Massaging daily scalp stimulates hair growth.


    I had neglected taking supplements after the month of May because I multiplied omissions and as my treatment is finished, I had decided not to renew my cure.

I expected Black Friday to renew my cure The Mane Choice I am with great attention. In the past, these food supplements made me the most good: my hair grew thicker and I lost very little hair every day or during my weekly cleaning session. This had a positive impact on my nails since they have become stronger and more. You could observe if you follow me on my Instagram account.



    Capillary hydration passes through two methods: one external and one internal. Let’s start with the external source, these hair products. I advise you to always have shampoo, condition, a leave-in (leave-ed) and a hydrating moisturizer.


These products allow hair to regain flexibility, moisturize and detangle easily. Avoid taking too many chemicals containing products (such as sulfate, petrolatum, mineral oil and Co.) because it irritates the scalp and dry. Prefer products containing water and glycerin in the first 5 ingredients.

Turning to the internal source, this is food and drinks. Drinking water is very important to moisturize your body from the inside, it saves you from having cramps after exercise and it helps to regenerate the cells of your body.

© Gabrielle Union Instagram

Drink at least 1.5 liters of water is good for the body. Beside that, it is important to reduce consumption of soft drinks and alcohol that are rich in carbohydrates and other hidden sugars. Over consumption of sugar has a bad impact on his health (risk of diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver for alcohol) and it’s not good for the hair.

Prioritize a varied diet without depriving yourself of some pleasure, the key is to moderate or limit the excesses and combine everything with a weekly physical activity.

See you soon…


#YearOfYes with Lydexperience

Last Saturday, I finally rendais to #BWLB (Business Women Leadership Brunch, brunch business women leader, ed) organized by Lydexperience.

The brunch was held in the vegetarian & vegan restaurant Lulalocated in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. I will not lie to you but I was a little apprehensive about the restaurant because I thought I was not going to eat at my end and it was not the case: on the contrary. I discovered flavors that were unknown to me and, above all, I was full of energy.

Patricia, the founder of Lydexperience and brunch, welcomes us and invites us to join the underground. Arriving in the basement, I got a big smile on seeing a beautiful book: that of Shonda Rhimes.

L'année du Oui par Shonda Rimes

If there is indeed a book that was part of my Book wishlistde 2017, this is the book Year of Yesde American producer Shonda Rhimes who needs no introduction. Moreover, the blogger Danielle Best of D has made a beautiful magazine that I invite you to read.

It invites us to sit down and enjoy a delicious cake sprinkled with poppy seeds. At brunch, each participant must present briefly It was a touching moment when there was both laughter and smiles as well as tears. At this time, we realize that we are among a group of women from different backgrounds and of various courses.

The guest-speaker of this brunch was Chanthavy Tan the creator of the free mobile application MelloPlot (available onApple Store and on Google Play).MelloPlot is an application to facilitate meetings between musicians of all board as the famous application Tinder meetings

Chanthavy Tan: une femme inspirante

Chanthavy Tan is a young woman of 25 years and is a graduate of the prestigious EDHEC business school. With her degrees, she could work in the largest audit firms and consulting but she preferred to embark on entrepreneurship and realize their dreams. Since childhood, she is passionate about music and she wanted to combine digital with passion.

The principle role of the guest-speakerest to share its experience with the assistance and support of the broad outlines of his career. And Chanthavy dared to take risks by trying to turn his passion into his profession. She had to make sacrifices and had to deal with people who wanted to copy his idea. She took the opportunity to distill valuable advice to avoid some pitfalls that may face young entrepreneurs.

Jus du jour fait par le restaurant Lula

With the hashtag #BWLB, you can follow the interventions of Chanthavy but also Patricia Lydexperience. Patricia intervened to make us reflect on ourselves, to awaken that part of ourselves that is afraid of the unknown. She really has a knack of motivating us with memorable phrases.

She encouraged us to write operations on the specifications that had been given in early brunch for that one keeps track.

Besides, here are a few sentences that we distilled:

  • “Follow his heart is the best strategy”
  • “Failure can position the cursor to the things that are made for you.”
  • “Take control of your life, do not let others choose for.”
  • “When women help each other, they can achieve so much.”
  • “Find the keys to success in you copy is not used for nothing!”

Patricia has also prompted us to write our plans for 2017 so we can visualize and remember its objectives to conclude the day with a delicious drink.

This was followed by exercises to encourage us to use images that one should stick on a chart to visualize our goals for 2017.

Avec Patricia de Lydexperience

We leave this experience grows, motivated, determined but especially with a big smile. I want to apply it for the year 2017 and for the rest of my life.

See you soon…

Highlight obsession

Si il ne pouvait avoir qu’un produit qui pouvait symboliser l’année 2016 dans le monde de la beauté, c’est bien le highlighter (enlumineur en français, ndlr).

Ce produit est une pure merveille qui est un de mes indispensables pour finir mon maquillage. C’est simple, je ne peux plus m’en passer.

Différentes highlighters tels que ceux de Dior, L’Oréal Paris, Carli Bybel pour BH Cosmetics, Iman Cosmetics, Black Up, Black Radiance, the Balm ou encore MAC Cosmetics.

Avec ces techniques de maquillage telles que le strobbing (technique visant à mettre en valeur certaines zones du visages telles que les pommettes, le nez ainsi que l’arc de Cupidon), ce produit est revenu en force dans le coeur des beauty addicts.

J’ai acheté plus de highlighter que de fonds de teint cette année. Et si je vous disais que je haïssais ce produit auparavant, vous ne me croyiez pas.

J’avais horreur de ce produit qui était mis en valeur dans de nombreux blogs et autres chaines YouTube. Je n’aimais pas cet effet “boule à facettes”.


Mais petit à petit, je me suis aussi mise à cette addiction à cause de l’une de mes vloggueuses beauté préférées Jackie Aina. Et j’ai pu me rendre compte que c’est un produit génial à condition de connaitre quel type de highlighter je devais me procurer selon mon type de peau.

Il existe des highlighters liquide,en poudre, en crème ou sous forme de base très lumineuses. J’ai une nette préférence pour les highlighters poudre car ils sont très faciles à travailler et surtout il est possible de maîtriser le degré de produit que je souhaite mettre sur mon visage.


Et pour en avoir testé des highlighters très chers et d’autres à très bas prix, la différence se joue sur les pinceaux à utiliser. Je préfère utiliser les pinceaux éventails qui permettent de déposer suffisamment de produit sur la zone que je souhaite mettre en lumière. Plus ces pinceaux ont de poils, plus il est agréable de travailler la matière.

De gauche à droite: NYX Cosmetics, Hema, SMINK Cosmetics, Djulicious Cosmetics et Sedona Lace

Pour un maquillage de jour, je préfère jouer la légèreté comme sur la photo où je porte le highlighter de la palette Contour Palette de la marque Black Radiance. Cette palette ne m’a coûté que 4$.


Ce produit fera la différence dans vos maquillages pour les fêtes de fin d’année qui approchent à grands pas. Surtout, lâchez-vous.


À bientôt…

Having great deals during Black Friday

Black Friday is the shopping day of the year that I note on my calendar. But why? Just because monsters discounts that take place on Friday.

  • But what is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving celebrations (it is a traditional meal-American canadienoù one gives thanks to God for some Native Americans it means sharing a meal given by Native Americans to European settlers who landed in Europe.

In France, since 2014, the American came trend takes more shape and is called XXL days.

  • How to take advantage of Black Friday in the United States and France?

There are two solutions that are presented to you either go directly to the United States, either through packages relay installed in the United States.

The most famous bridge package is Shipito. This allows you to have three addresses (two in the US and one in Austria, Europe) and to order products that are not shipped abroad as Sephora USA, Ulta Beauty and co.

However, to have the possibility of having all its packages in one place to make the ship at once, it must buy an annual subscription at a cost of about $ 50 or a monthly subscription for $ 10 month.

Here is the comprehensive cost of transshipment of parcels with different list of parcel delivery providers.

Here the experience of a French blogger satisfied his experience with Shipito.

A lb (pound) is 0.454 kg.

The other well-known parcel forwarding site is RelayShopUSA. The advantage of this site is that there are several deals according to your need and have a French customer service to help you in your choices.


Here are below the cost of transshipment comprehensive packages with USPS as the main provider of sending packages: you can of course choose FedEx or DHL if you wish.


You can find the feedback of a French blogger on this relay.


The list of sites that will make Black Friday in France and the US

sites will be added as and when the day of  11/23/2018


The Mane Choice➜ up to 50% off the entire store, no code needed

The Body Shop ➜ 40% off entire site with the code

MAC Cosmetics ➜ 20% off from 50 euros purchases (excluding Viva Glam Christmas Collections and MAC Girls pallets) until Sunday 26/11 at 23:59

Feelunique➜ from 30% off to 50% off depending on the brand, no code needed

Sedona Lace (VERY good quality synthetic brushes)➜ –50% off entire site

Sigma Beauty (US very good makeup brand) ➜ 30% off the entire site with the code “BF30” and to free international delivery

ColourPop➜free international shipping starts from $ 50 but very strong risk of customs fees, 20% on some lipstick and red lips kits, no code needed

Sephora France➜ 30% off fragrances and fragrance sets, -70% on a selection of goods and only valid on the site


Morgan➜ 20 euros off every 60 euros of purchases (excluding capsule collection Carolina Receiver) until Sunday 11/25,  11:59 p.m.

New Look ➜ 20% off from 40 euros of purchases, 30% off from 60 euros of purchases and 40% off from 80 euros of purchases, the promotion is automatically applied and is valid until Sunday, 11/25, 11:59pm

River Island ➜ 20% off on automatically reduction applied to Cart

Mango ➜ 30% off the site until Sunday 26/11 at 23:59 with the code

Bershka➜ up to 50% off on selected items (until 24/11 23:59 offer valid also in store)

Asos➜ 20% off on the site with the code WIN20 throughout the weekend

Boohoo➜ 50% off entire site with BOOM code plus Free Shipping from 50 euros purchases

Missguided➜ 50% off on ALL the site with the code CYBER50 until Sunday 11/25 11:59 p.m


Fnac ➜ jusqu’à -50% on major brands

Cdiscount ➜ offers on many site-ray

Conforama➜ offers on many valuable articles on the website and in stores until Monday inclusive 11/26

But➜ offers up to 70% off on many items available on the website and in stores until Monday inclusive 11/26

Updating coming Monday, November 25th, 2017 for Cyber ​​Monday.


I did NOT move to Paris to sleep

I did NOT move to Paris to sleep.

That was my thought coming back in Ile de France. Indeed, since my return, I sleep very little and this is due largely to redesign my platform. And to my surprise, I really enjoyed to handle this change that blooms today.

It is good to stop and realize that we no longer takes the same pleasure to do certain things and we begin to fade gradually.

Internet social networks completely revolutionized my way of creating relationships. Some people, for their publications, help you (without realizing it) to challenge yourself and dare radical change.

And when I say this, I think my friend Estelle, Aurelie Nseme and Celine Phe that led me to change some things. Indeed, when the signals all saw red, he must focus now pause at birth resentment. And resentment born of envy and soul ceases to be creative.

Regarder droit devant soi

I realize that approaching slowly but surely, thirties is no longer the same desires. We are seeking personal fulfillment. It ceases to idealize life, we saw just. We no longer try to want to please others and to seek the attention of the other that is unhealthy.

It seeks to accomplish, achieve concrete things, to live an unforgettable experience and just take their destiny in hand.

Life is far from a quiet river and I can not thank God enough to not have the ability to program his life. This leaves some unanswered.

En marche...

We must learn to get out of this comfort zone that gradually becomes uncomfortable and take risks (even if they are to be calculated).

I decided to talk about things I like and do not confine myself to the world of beauty. I like talking beauty and I will continue to talk about beauty but more of how I did before.

In life, I like to discover new fashion trends, discover new places in which to sitting down, talking tips (like I was talking to someone I know), to travel, to explore new things…

In short, I think you understand that I thirst for change and change can be good.

And it starts today with the outfit I wore on a short walk with my big sister.


See you soon, I hope…



I wear: Body Missguided (still for sale), Jean destroy Etam (old collection) and Jacket Mango (old collection) / Derbys New Look (JIM still on sale) / Bag New Look (old collection) / Pierced ears SIX ( old collection)

Photos by Jaynee  😍


Anti-dark spot power factor serum 4: Giveaway (closed)

If there is indeed a concern that persists in my face, those are my spots. They are the result of my exposure without UV protection during my Erasmus stay in Madrid (Spain) between January and June 2012.


Le nouveau sérum de Nuhanciam
Le nouveau sérum de Nuhanciam- image issu du site de Nuhanciam


I pay today my past mistakes. I know Nuhanciam brand since January 2012 and I waited for months before starting to buy products.

I tested almost their entire range of products with the exception of the Radiance Cream Unifying and Body Care Extreme.

These are products I use regularly for over four years and they are part of my morning and evening routines. anti-dark spot power factor serum

Nuhanciam offered me to test their anti-dark spot power factor serum: I obviously said yes because it is a serum that is proven and I like immensely.

I begin to test so I could give you my opinion that from the beginning of September. But it is easy to apply, leaves no greasy finish and above the pump easily take the product.

Meanwhile, the brand and I organize a competition for you,my subscriber (s).

To do this, follow three rules:

-being subscriber (s) to my Youtube channel;

-to like my pageFacebook page;

-to leave a comment under this article (with your email address) saying “I participate”.

The competition begins this Tuesday, June 7, 2016 and ends this Sunday, June 11, 2016 at 16 hours. Results will be published on my page Facebookat 18 hours.



Good luck to all of you.

When the well-being sublime outer beauty

Last Thursday evening, I was at the event “Beauty Gourmande” which was a joint event organized by Audrey Syllepse Cosmetics but also Rita and Sonia of beauty and well-being Bubbles.

Audrey de Syllepse Cosmetics et Sonia de "Les Bulles "(derrière le bar)
Audrey de Syllepse Cosmetics et Sonia de “Les Bulles “(derrière le bar)

I was the first to make ourselves on this cozy place, intimate but mostly pleasant. I was warmly welcomed by Audrey Syllepse Cosmetics and the founding of this space: Rita and Sonia.

Once properly installed, Audrey explains the method of use of all of its products. I had already tested this process was immediately conquered me in April 2014 (I invite you to view photos HERE). I was talking to you later in a future article.

Syllepse 1

This method consists in the following manner:

-the use of gel-remover No. 14;

-The installation and application of exfoliating mask-33;

-application complexion serum (in my case, it will be dyed serum # 64 for dark skin);

-the application of the cosmopolitan cream without perfume No. 16.


Subsequently, Sonia invites me to the basement of this cosmopolitan place to apply this process but also practice shiatsu session. Having had a pretty stressful week of beginning the session fell perfectly.

I finally discovered this practice after the traditional Chinese medicine that involves making a pressure of fingers or palms on the circuits of meridians to restore the circulation of energy in the body, balance the nervous system and release physical and emotional tensions. I was so relaxed, soothed that I almost take a nap.

At the end of this session, I exit with a big smile.

Subsequently, I have benefited a makeup session made a professional makeup artist with the use of the French brand Boho. A surprising or confusing with makeup makeup products with a strong natural composition but in the end, I liked it.


Finally, we were able to enjoy an organic and an organic apple juice fresh carrot juice with fresh organic mint hydrolate ally basil. A surprising taste, natural and tasty to eat.

Succulentes mousses au chocolat avec des fraises fraîches
Succulentes mousses au chocolat avec des fraises fraîches

I tested this hydrosol 100% organic with chocolate mousse and strawberries: it was just delicious.

It was a moment very pleasant to live in the company of women I really appreciate and for sure I would stay in this intimate place with great pleasure.


Thank you to Audrey Syllepse Cosmetics and Rita and Sonia, founder of Space Bubbles for this wonderful moment.


Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored or made in cooperation with these two brands.