How to choose the best concealer?

This is one of the questions that many beauty addicts arise before buying a concealer.

And to have to buy dozens and after following numerous tips from sales consultants but also on the internet, I know what fit me concealer and those that do not suit me.

We have seen many pictures ofcelebrities on the red carpet a concealer really too light about their skin complexion. This gives a white cast effect that is quite embarrassing to wear.

That’s why I want to share my tips with you so that you have makeup on top with mostly sunny days that are there.


There are a multitude of concealer to cover most of our needs. To talk about my personal case, I need a good concealer covering because I unfortunately well-marked circles.

We must make the difference between a corrector and a concealer: a corrector is intended to correct irregular complexion (like spots, differences in skin tones etc.) and a concealer which aims to give a more even skin tone and for some illuminate certain specific areas of the face.

The concealer is in the form of a stick with a foam tip, pump or in the form of pot.

The concealer with a foam tip can save the product and is easy to use for beginners in makeup.

Those Stick have the advantage of covering several areas of the face easily but the concern is that you can put in a lot and it is not accurate.

pot-shaped concealer allows to apply the product with your finger so to apply the material accurately. The concern for hygiene since the product puts his fingers.

Finally, the concealer with a pump possible to have the sufficient amount of product and apply as with a brush, a blender or with his fingers.

Those who work for me are for example: Pro Longwear of Mac CosmeticsThe concealer Naked Skin Urban Decay or the Radiant Creamy Concealer from NARS.


Warm hue refers to hot sub-tones and hue Coldfait reference to cold sub-tones. These sub-steps are easy to choose because it is enough to help with gold or silver metal to see what metal you will.

If the gold or hot metal you go, it is best to choose the shade Warm. If silver or cold metals you go, I suggest you choose the shade Cold.

It is important to differentiate sub-tone because when you take a by-your Coldquand sub-tone Warm okay, this will give you a dull, grayish complexion.



We can apply the concealer in different ways. It can be applied to the finger by tapping on the circle: this is one of the best ways to apply them.

You can apply it using a blender: not only does this give a precise application of the product but also it allows you to adjust the dose to use.

Finally, you can apply it with a brush: personally I think this gives a less natural result because you can see a line between the foundation and concealer.

See you soon…

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