Three ways to avoid having a too light or dark foundation

Who has not accidentally bought too light foundation or too dark for her complexion?

I had the misfortune of having this concern several times regarding foundations drugstoreou specialized perfumery. And I had to throw, against the heart, some foundation because it felt to wear a mask on my face.

As you know and as I explained in my last video Youtube neutral hues give me a gray and dull complexion. I have to make foundations with an orange or a red undertone in some cases: those fit me well.

I have few foundations that do not suit me but I found three tips you can try before using your foundation.


When makeup designer The Body Shop were released some time ago. I will not lie to you, when I heard about these products, I was pretty doubtful.

How could adjust product too light foundation or too dark with a few drops. I tested it on two foundations, one of which is too light for my skin tone (Dream Satin Fluid Maybelline  No. 68 “Caramel Amber”) with dark complexion creator. Honestly, the foundation became a little darker and applying it to my face, I could see that the foundation was better in my skin complexion. It does not change the nature of the foundation.

For cross complexion of All Day Bright NARS Khartoum hue, white complexion creator was able to clarify the foundation of color without changing its nature. It could give it more adaptable to my skin complexion.


This may seem surprising, but I never thought to combine two foundations to get the perfect color for my skin complexion. I always had the chance to find a foundation that suited me without seeking the need to mix it. By mixing the foundations, I fear it gives me too thick aspect to my skin. Finally, I am totally wrong: I had the intended result.

I try it by combining foundationKat Von D ( No. 76 Warm) with my liquid foundation matting ( No. 15) Black Up.



Yes, your mattifying powder perfect your makeup can save many furniture. In my last video I showed you how my mattifying powder Chanel(Hue No. 60) had allowed me to adjust to perfection a little too yellow tint my Kate Von foundation D.

All you have to do is apply your powder as your habit on your too light foundation and voila.

See you soon…

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