BEAUTY HACKS: having beautiful long and strong nails for all

It’s hard to believe but I have long gnawed my nails. It was a bad habit that began in childhood and I suddenly stopped on the way to adulthood.

I have no quick fix for those who bite yet but I would go make an appointment with a specialist for it to find a solution.

It’s been months or years that I was asked she was the miracle solution to have long natural nails: because yes, those are my nails.

And today I can share with you my tips for you to have you too long nails.


Yes, eating with mental health are key factors for healthy nails. Although this sounds repetitive, have a diverse diet and drink at least 1.5 liters of water will allow you, at first to have stronger nails with a better appearance. Indeed, nails and hair enable us to be alerted to the disturbances of our body.

Let’s talk about the mental state: when morale is rosy, nails keep their normal appearance and does not break easily. But, unfortunately, when we are stressed or when one has the moral socks, nails become brittle and tend to break more easily.

If you are in this situation, try to relax and put you in mind that bad weather does not last long.


I take care to buy nail polish with minimum quality.The Herôme nail polish for soft nails allows nails to be harder and grow them in 14 days. Since I mainly use the veneer of Dior brand, my nails are in much better condition when I remove the lacquer: they have a less dull shade and they had a good week even doing dishes every night.

Emphasize the acetone-free remover to avoid unnecessarily irritate your nails but mostly dry them. There are all kinds on the market.


Daily care plays a key role for beautiful strong nails. In everyday life, I put moisturizer on hands and I ms mass attentively my fingers and my nails so they stay perfectly hydrated. Cleansing products attack our skin, added to pollution, this weakens the nails.

I also apply argan oil on the birth of my nails and especially the cuticles to make them less dry and less coarse. Argan oil also has the virtue of improving the appearance of the nails and the nail feed with vitamin E.


    The material also has a role to play. I urge you to cast your metal or wood file very flexible because the material weakens your nails and cause mini fissures. Result, although your nails continue to grow, they continue to be brittle so they break thereafter.

Focus of glass nail files that you can find at Sephora or at Kiko. These files (which were originally created for false nails) help file nails with precision and regularity. Since I use them, I do not have nails that crack or become brittle.


See you soon…

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