Happy Single Day

February 14 is Valentine’s Day … the feast of love for some, a commercial celebration for others.

For many, the period preceding this celebration is like the period before New Year’s Eve: he must find his or her Valentine Valentine under penalty of a looser or looseuse.

My prior statements may seem extreme or exaggerated but I realize more and more that celibacy has become a disease especially when over the age of 25.

It must be said that some Facebook pages / Instagram beginning with the word Woman (I said some, not all) do not stop to tell women what to do to be a couple and sometimes if we is single, it’s our fault. Well then…

© Ebony
© Ebony

Recently in a discussion in a Facebook group, some spoke with sadness of the passing fateful thirties and the fact they are neither married nor a mother. I even saw circulate a publication written by a man stating that they had failed in life if you had not married before 30 years. Of pure madness!

I think that as a woman (especially in our time) we tend to give power to the opinions of others while we should pay more attention to her intuition.

Life is not a straight path but a trip where you may be faced to take deviations. Taking age, I learned to appreciate my own company, to appreciate me as a woman and especially to accept my faults.

I especially learned to identify my own needs, listen to me and discover me. Believe me celibacy is a great time to live when he was chosen. And once this finite period, get couple becomes a choice and NO obligation or constraint.

Being a couple is not an obligation and being single is not a defect.

And for those who are a couple, if you have the grace to be with a man who:

– like you as you are;

-which is not trying to change you;

-which is now in bad and good times;

-which makes you regularly attentions;

-which communicates daily with you;

-which encourages and supports you in your projects;

-which is interested in you;

-which confides in you and makes his plans etc …

If you have this gem in your life, you can forgive him for not celebrate Valentine’s Day. And between us, it is better that he forgets February 14 but not your birthday and the day you set out as a couple.

I think that is largely agree on this point.

© For Harriett
© For Harriett

True love does not have a fixed timetable to be celebrated. It is in small steps every day that God made.


For those who are single, enjoy it for:

– you really know;

-you enjoy with your qualities and your flaws;

-how clean up your life;

-voyager, to encounter places that you are still unknown;

Fun to challenge as the resumption of studies, start your own business, learn a language;

-organizing dinners with friends and family;

-take care of yourself.

When we have the mind busy, believe me, no one has time to lament his celibacy.

A well lived celibacy will avoid putting yourself in a relationship with the first coming because you know who you really are.

See you soon…

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