Back on track with a leopard print

Having a new appetite for simple things can take time … but once found the taste, we savored every moment.

This is what drives me in this beginning of year 2017, enjoy life with greater simplicity, love stronger, enjoy the little pleasures every day, take care of me, write my ambitions and achieve.

I could go on but it may be long (laughs).

I took the path of the workplace this week and I must admit: it was exhausting but well worth it. I smile.

Whenever I go back to work, I always bought something new: I certainly owe that to my mother. Child my mother had established the ritual which gave a special character to these special days.

Frederic Monneyron affirmed this “when you change clothes, you change your behavior.”

The most important thing in clothing is to be comfortable: for me it is most important and when one is uncomfortable with her outfit, it shows immediately.

Returning to business, I wanted a radical change mainly because of the winter weather. But I wanted to put something that I did not usually put: well showy piece leopard and a long sweater dress.

I wanted a beautiful leopard coat, not very long and especially light. I have great difficulty with with very thick coats: they give me the impression of being too hot inside and I hate it, especially in winter due to temperature variations.

For dress-sweater, it was a purchase favorite that I had with my friend spotted Kadia Pimkie in a Paris shop. I had dabbled in the take because I prefer the pull-dresses that give freedom of movement but ultimately I do not regret my purchase.

This dress is comfortable to wear, although it follows the curves of the body without it being vulgar. I decided to join the outfit with boots purchased at Asos last November and now Mango resulted bag (but which is unfortunately sold online but you can still find it in stores).

Yes change is now!

You can now find most of the parts that I carry in sectionMy Style Shop


See you soon…

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