#YearOfYes with Lydexperience

Last Saturday, I finally rendais to #BWLB (Business Women Leadership Brunch, brunch business women leader, ed) organized by Lydexperience.

The brunch was held in the vegetarian & vegan restaurant Lulalocated in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. I will not lie to you but I was a little apprehensive about the restaurant because I thought I was not going to eat at my end and it was not the case: on the contrary. I discovered flavors that were unknown to me and, above all, I was full of energy.

Patricia, the founder of Lydexperience and brunch, welcomes us and invites us to join the underground. Arriving in the basement, I got a big smile on seeing a beautiful book: that of Shonda Rhimes.

L'année du Oui par Shonda Rimes

If there is indeed a book that was part of my Book wishlistde 2017, this is the book Year of Yesde American producer Shonda Rhimes who needs no introduction. Moreover, the blogger Danielle Best of D has made a beautiful magazine that I invite you to read.

It invites us to sit down and enjoy a delicious cake sprinkled with poppy seeds. At brunch, each participant must present briefly It was a touching moment when there was both laughter and smiles as well as tears. At this time, we realize that we are among a group of women from different backgrounds and of various courses.

The guest-speaker of this brunch was Chanthavy Tan the creator of the free mobile application MelloPlot (available onApple Store and on Google Play).MelloPlot is an application to facilitate meetings between musicians of all board as the famous application Tinder meetings

Chanthavy Tan: une femme inspirante

Chanthavy Tan is a young woman of 25 years and is a graduate of the prestigious EDHEC business school. With her degrees, she could work in the largest audit firms and consulting but she preferred to embark on entrepreneurship and realize their dreams. Since childhood, she is passionate about music and she wanted to combine digital with passion.

The principle role of the guest-speakerest to share its experience with the assistance and support of the broad outlines of his career. And Chanthavy dared to take risks by trying to turn his passion into his profession. She had to make sacrifices and had to deal with people who wanted to copy his idea. She took the opportunity to distill valuable advice to avoid some pitfalls that may face young entrepreneurs.

Jus du jour fait par le restaurant Lula

With the hashtag #BWLB, you can follow the interventions of Chanthavy but also Patricia Lydexperience. Patricia intervened to make us reflect on ourselves, to awaken that part of ourselves that is afraid of the unknown. She really has a knack of motivating us with memorable phrases.

She encouraged us to write operations on the specifications that had been given in early brunch for that one keeps track.

Besides, here are a few sentences that we distilled:

  • “Follow his heart is the best strategy”
  • “Failure can position the cursor to the things that are made for you.”
  • “Take control of your life, do not let others choose for.”
  • “When women help each other, they can achieve so much.”
  • “Find the keys to success in you copy is not used for nothing!”

Patricia has also prompted us to write our plans for 2017 so we can visualize and remember its objectives to conclude the day with a delicious drink.

This was followed by exercises to encourage us to use images that one should stick on a chart to visualize our goals for 2017.

Avec Patricia de Lydexperience

We leave this experience grows, motivated, determined but especially with a big smile. I want to apply it for the year 2017 and for the rest of my life.

See you soon…

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