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On Thursday, November 24th, I went to Chelles for doing braids.

Because of my hair woes, my dermatologist recommended me to handle at least my hair because of the breaks that I suffered for several months. And thanks to his advice, this is much better.

For several months I was looking for THE right hairdresser to make me braids without weakening my hair more.

In two years, I tested three including two where I had been well capped but somehow I did not feel comfortable. One of my close friends advised me to go to Majestics Cosmetics. I first went on their Facebook account and Instagramto make my own idea of ​​the show.

But before going there, I had to turn back to St. Denis to change the color of hair because the seller had the good idea to err on the color.

Once arrived at the show, I was warmly welcomed by the owner of the shop and Xavier hairdresser and I confused myself apology because of my late hour.

He leads me in the basement (the hairdresser is there) where Belinda waiting for me the hairdresser. Belinda received me with kindness and wonder what hairstyle I wanted to do myself.

I used to make locks with a classic color (either black or brown), but I felt a need for change. I needed to make a classic fit with an unusual color.

For those who follow me for several years, you should know that purple is my favorite color and I think Saori from manga Saint Seiya / Knights of the Zodiac is the cause.

I ask the hairdresser to purple locks on the front and all black locks behind. I also wanted it to burn the tips of the lashes. This hairstyle was inspired to Instragram under the hashtag #purpleboxbraidsand my friend Estelle.

Belinda had to use 5 packs of 1 Xpression color (black) and 3 packets of Xpression purple for the whole of my head. Having a lot of hair, if I want a proper cup, I have to at least 8 bits packets.

And I must say that I was so happy and satisfied with my cup that I returned last Saturday for my hair again.

I have also the opportunity to ask questions to Xavier, the founder of Majestics Cosmetics.

1. Have you always lived in France?

I was born in Paris but I was raised by my grandmother in the Caribbean until I was 6 years old. Then I came back to live in Paris with my mother. But I always keep strong ties with my grandmother, so I often returned to Guadeloupe in Pointe à Pitre.

2 .What was your job before becoming an entrepreneur?

Before starting my own business, I worked in different companies: which allowed me to open my eyes very early on the world of work. I was at Châtelet seller for years especially with the Mokobe 113, Crystal Palace then Ruffneck. I was also collector.

My last job was in charge of customers in a mutual.

3. Why did you choose entrepreneurship and why you got started in the world of beauty?

From sporty nature, I like challenges and a friend who was in the world of Afro beauty made me want to throw myself. That’s when the adventure started. Being your account is difficult but the desire to mount a A to Z structure and sense of adventure quickly seduced me. I was training on Saturday in his shop and in the evening I looked on the internet bloggers to learn and acquire concepts.

4. Why did you choose the name “Majestics Cosmetics” for your shop and your hairdresser?

The name of my company came from an old business that I had growing up: I was working in the street wear. Indeed, I had a clothing brandmajestics Wearwith which I have done several events (including the sponsor of a group of rap RS4, many partner compilations, parties and concerts with such renowned artists as Admiral T in Nantes). So, I wanted to keep the same name.

5. Why did you choose Chelles Paris and not to open your shop and your hairdresser?

I chose to be in the suburbs because it was sorely lacking structures that can meet the needs of the community. Seeking in this geographical area, I finally found this local in the city of Chelles.

6. What can we do hairstyles in your hairdresser?

We respond to any type of application. In our hair salon, you can opt to care for your locks, your natural hair and straightened hair and hairstyles like braids, braids and weaving hook.

7. Can men hair at home?

Yes, men can have their hair done in Majestics Cosmetics.

8. What is the age range of your customers?

Our customer base is wide because we receive children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

9. How many hairdressers work in your living room?

We work withYohana hairdresser who has vast experience over 25 years and having worked with big names such as Pierre Yves Lilac and Kanélia shows. We have a specialist Belinda braids and weaves hairdresser.

In addition, we are also setting up natural hair services with a renowned specialist and calledZipporah Joannes. Moreover, workshops on this subject are planned current 2017.

And an assistant specialist locks joined us to respond to any requests.

10. Is it necessary to make an appointment?

Regarding our appointment on weekends, we soon complete: it is therefore recommended to make an appointment.


See you soon…

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