And IF in 2017 … we decided to make an appointment with yourself?

2016 is FINALLY gone and it is with hope that begins the year 2017. 2016 was a year-slinging, half because both personally and professionally. A pretty rough year that undermined my morale but it also has a year in which many truths jumped in my face.

But late last year, I received a Christmas gift that I hoped not to have and that will change a lot. Finally, I sincerely hope …

With the help of God, I have decided to make 2017 a year full of kindness, patience, commitment, love and success.

For 2017 to be my year, we must provide the means. I decided to stop with resolutions to move to objetics to achieve. For us, the resolutions, we take into the half and again …


I really let myself go in this area. in 2016. I stopped doing exercise regularly and eat healthy. For those who follow me on Instagram know my love (one can even speak of obsession right?) For burgers and sushi. But I found the results on my balance and clothing.

With age, it becomes harder to lose weight but with regular exercise and a balanced diet is largely feasible. With motivation and regularity, it is possible to get good results. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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In 2016, I left a little too overwhelmed by my emotions and I took too much heart to some details that really were worth the trouble.

In 2017, I want to relax, release and especially not to take my head for trivia. The years marched with great speed and I realize that life is becoming shorter. There is no more time to waste or energy to waste.

I intend to devote more time to my spirituality, relaxation and breathing. I also intend to grant me an appointment with myself. Neglecting his soul may be the source of many ill-beings: it is important to take as much care of his soul than his body.


2017 will be the year of the great leap. The cocoon is comfortable (almost no rent to pay, the company, the laughs, arguments, sharing), it enjoys the pleasures of life without worries but this does not allow me to feel fully adult. I have previously lived in a studio and it was really too small but it met my will not to settle permanently in the South.

It’s time for me to take flight and have my space that I will organize according to my tastes and desires.

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In February 2017, it will be 4 years since I posted my first video on my YouTube channel. Over the years I have become more and more fun to shoot, edit and publish my videos. I also expand my material (other purchases will complete my equipment in 2017) and my editing techniques, which is why I had taken many courses at YouTube Paris in the last quarter of 2016.

End 2016, you may have noticed that I have published more articles on my blog. I think the passage in The Beauty Kreyolita Kreyolita was liberating for me. I seem to have found the motivation to dare to change and out slowly from my comfort zone.

In 2017, I prefer to warn you that there will be fewer capillaries topics and more topics about beauty (care and makeup), fashion and lifestyle also (tips, vlogs, travel, tips, discoveries, confessions sessions. And good news : there will be more contest in 2016.

I will focus also the quality over quantity by bringing my personal touch and more expertise so that it may help you to learn, to expand your knowledge, and especially that you are here at home.

By the end of the first half of 2017, GOD willing, you will realize these changes.

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I noticed that I had NEVER worked with a blogger / vloggeuse beauty & fashion ever since I created my blog and my YouTube channel. This is something I would like to make 2017 all that there are some that I appreciate the work of high quality and authenticity they pass through their respective platforms.

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In 2016, I could take the plane to go far away to France. I have returned to New York City where I could recharge my family. This last minute trip made me the most good. I was able to feed me the boundless energy of this city, discovering new places.

A big thank you to my cousin Greg for making me market in Manhattan, I could eat in unsuspected places. In 2017, I need to escape to visit countries that are unknown to me and return to the cities that I have visited there many a long time.

And one of the advantages of living in Ile de France is having the opportunity to travel at reduced costs thanks to low-cost airlines.



2016 has started very well: my hair was perfectly healthy, thick, beautiful and they began to take the length. Unfortunately from the month of June, I began to lose my hair package because of stress due to my work situation. It was horrible to live, I consulted a dermatologist who is currently analyzing the cause of the dramatic loss.

In 2017, I wish to find (at least) my hair as they were in early 2016: the rest will be bonus …


End of 2016, I actually realized that I was hanging too much on social networks. My big sister has not stopped me to remark and I must admit she’s right. But with my platform, I have to keep abreast of trends and on these networks, I have the opportunity to be inspired. But as of this summer, I decided to stop calling those who live in the same area as me because we have the opportunity to see us. And I started to appreciate the human touch, out of Paris, take public transportation. There is nothing better than real and it is on this path that I want to continue in 2017.

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What have you decided to change in 2017? I wish you the best for 2017 and do not forget that you are precious / precious.


See you soon…

8 Replies to “And IF in 2017 … we decided to make an appointment with yourself?”

  1. cc superbe l’article bonne heureuse annee meme moi je vai faire comme toi de moin stresser jai tendance a stresser et avoir du mal a dormir je pense trop a ma situation professionnelle en se moment je fait de linterim dans la vente mardi dernier jai fait un leger malaise c du surement a trop penser la nuit je dort mal kan il mavai appeler pour trvailler je me suis lever sur la precipitation il ya eu de peu ke de mal il mon ramener aux urgence apparament je manker de sucre et les ambulancier on contaster ke mon poux etait bas du coup il mon arreter jusqua vendredi je devai travailler de mardi a vendredi dernier par mesure de securite lagence interimaire ma arreter de me reposer jai repri samedi sava mieu kan jai le temps je me repose au max cette annee je vai arreter de dramatisser sur mon sort et de penser a facon positive jai remarquer sr letat de mes cheveux naturelle courage

    1. Ah ma pauvre, j’entends de plus en plus de choses sur les problèmes professionnels. N’oublie pas que la santé, c’est très important: on ne peut rien faire sans. Prends soin de toi et fais de ta personne une de tes priorités pour cette nouvelle année. Bisous et courage 💋💋💋

      1. ta vu sa les probleme progessionnelle c’est quelque chose merci mon entourage et mes amis me disent sa dis tant que il ya la sante il tout c vrai je vai positiver au maximum sava aller apres je me plein jai connu des situation plus difficile ☺

  2. Coucou 🙂
    Très bonne découverte ton blog et j’aime beaucoup cet article d’entrée dans l’année 2017, je trouve ça bien que tu partages autant tes expériences et Que tu Ne te contentes pas Que de donner des conseils !
    J’espère que tous tes projets pour l’année 2017 se concrétiseront !

  3. Très bel article pour commencer l’année 2017. Tu mets en avant des points importants qui amènent chacune et chacun à réfléchir également sur ses priorités.
    Où aimerais-tu voyager ?
    Belle découverte pour moi de ton blog !

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