Clean brushes without the fuss with Sigma Beauty

Before writing this article, I had realized that it had been three weeks since I had not cleaned my brushes. By dint of accumulating brush collections over the years, I was told that I could afford to avoid this chore: shame on me.

Until now, I had my brushes with the famous Egg Brush that I got myself in Djulicous Cosmetics. He cleaned my brushes well, size allowed me to take it with me when I travel, but I found it too small for my face brushes.

I have different brands of brushes and sponges to my eyes and my face like Dior, Chanel, Djulicious Cosmetics, Sedona Lace Zoeva Cosmetics, Beauty Blender, Sigma, Smink and Co. (I will make a video about it in 2017) and it allows me to keep my equipment in excellent condition. For example, it’s been 4 years that I have my Sedona Lace brushes and they are like new.

But Sigma Spa Cleaning Brush Mat made me the eye for many years, the ideal tool to quickly clean my brushes without this being a headache because it is divided into several areas: the right relates to the cleaning brushes and makeup sponge for the face and the left side relates to the cleaning brushes for the eyes.

This cleaning pad consists of 10 suction cups on the back in order to adhere the mat to the ergonomics of your sink. This allows you to clean both brushes at the same time and thus save time.

When I clean my brushes, I prefer to use a mild shampoo that does not irritate my brushes and allow them to keep their hair. I used the shampoo “Vinegar 3 flowers” from Le Petit Marseillais.

With these two related products, I could clean a dozen face and eye brushes in less than thirty minutes. I do not regret my investment since neglecting the weekly cleaning your brushes can cause sores.

We often think of our lifestyle, products that are used every day but we often forget that non-cleaning brushes can lead to pimples.

Indeed, brushes clog and makeup products that are used with these brushes oxidize on contact with air.

You understand that I am more than satisfied with this product that saves me time and cleaned my brushes perfectly: the epitome of expression combine business with pleasure.

If you want to know where I bought this rug, I invite you to go to the website “The Beautyst” for 23.90 euros (delivery included) when Black Friday. Only today there is 15% off the entire site with the RUSH promo code and you will have the opportunity to be delivered on the tree before Christmas.


See you soon…


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