I did NOT move to Paris to sleep

I did NOT move to Paris to sleep.

That was my thought coming back in Ile de France. Indeed, since my return, I sleep very little and this is due largely to redesign my platform. And to my surprise, I really enjoyed to handle this change that blooms today.

It is good to stop and realize that we no longer takes the same pleasure to do certain things and we begin to fade gradually.

Internet social networks completely revolutionized my way of creating relationships. Some people, for their publications, help you (without realizing it) to challenge yourself and dare radical change.

And when I say this, I think my friend Estelle, Aurelie Nseme and Celine Phe that led me to change some things. Indeed, when the signals all saw red, he must focus now pause at birth resentment. And resentment born of envy and soul ceases to be creative.

Regarder droit devant soi

I realize that approaching slowly but surely, thirties is no longer the same desires. We are seeking personal fulfillment. It ceases to idealize life, we saw just. We no longer try to want to please others and to seek the attention of the other that is unhealthy.

It seeks to accomplish, achieve concrete things, to live an unforgettable experience and just take their destiny in hand.

Life is far from a quiet river and I can not thank God enough to not have the ability to program his life. This leaves some unanswered.

En marche...

We must learn to get out of this comfort zone that gradually becomes uncomfortable and take risks (even if they are to be calculated).

I decided to talk about things I like and do not confine myself to the world of beauty. I like talking beauty and I will continue to talk about beauty but more of how I did before.

In life, I like to discover new fashion trends, discover new places in which to sitting down, talking tips (like I was talking to someone I know), to travel, to explore new things…

In short, I think you understand that I thirst for change and change can be good.

And it starts today with the outfit I wore on a short walk with my big sister.


See you soon, I hope…



I wear: Body Missguided (still for sale), Jean destroy Etam (old collection) and Jacket Mango (old collection) / Derbys New Look (JIM still on sale) / Bag New Look (old collection) / Pierced ears SIX ( old collection)

Photos by Jaynee  😍


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