An unforgettable NHA 2016

It has been nearly a month since the NHA took place. I will not soon forget this edition 2016. And you will understand why.

The Natural Hair Academy took place Saturday, June 11, 2016 from 9:30 to 0:00 at the beautiful Parc Floral de Paris.

This is my fourth came to this event where Black Natural beauty is celebrated there (this event took place in April 2012). Every year there is always something new and it always comes out grows.

For my part, I made myself at 13 hours. I wanted to attend the lecture by Dr. Kari on locks but I had a wakeup failure :-P.

I meet the blogger Neenah of Da N World blog and we decided to go around the different booths. But soon, we decided to queue before the foodtrucks highlighting the culinary flavors from Africa and the Caribbean. We are waiting for nearly two hours long and a half to eat very good bokits and fritters.


Once finished tasting Vita Malt booth, we once again round the different stands but this time, we’re going to buy. I really enjoyed the fact that brands have played the game by making attractive discounts.


For my part, I shopped some products from As I Am  and Les Secrets de Loly.


We continued our way to the booths highlighting the wax in the spotlight.

Then happens, happens 17 hours! Lest not get a good seat at the conference “Empowerment”, I go with Neenah in room A to be ringside.

FullSizeRender 2

And we had done well because we had the privilege to converse for 20 minutes with Magatte Wade. An incredible woman, inspiring, motivating but mostly it feels like she encourage her siblings. Talk with her was a blessing because I’m in the questioning my professional future.

I invite you to read this article in Les Echos newspaper for the incredible destiny of this woman.

Then the public began to come and Didier Mandin invited  Magatte to join other panelists to test the operation of the microphones.

We were attending a magnificent parade (the Natural Flower parade) of Dyroll Dydy.

Dydy Dyroll

With the incredible hairstyles made by Dydy some afro wigs were created by the talented Sephora Joannes.

Here is a beautiful example with the beautiful Gahi.

La belle Gahi de la page Facebook “Ayoh”


But a surprise awaits us, Didier Mandin announces the arrival of Madame Christiane Taubira (former Attorney General). It’s impressive to see a few steps from home, such a personality. I remember a sentence of his speech, “There are two paths. One of withdrawal. The other is to see themselves as a member of all humanity.


Then come the famous conference where a panel of high quality begins. Michaela Angela Davis (writer, activist and former stylist) Teyonah Parris (actress), Julee Wilson (Digital Director Beauty & Fashion in Essence), Kelly Masson (founder of products Secrets Loly) and Magatte Wade (designer brands Adina World Beat Beverages and Tiossan) .It Alexandra Mephon, training journalist and former Editor of Miss Ebony conducting the interview.

It was delightful to have such a panel consisting solely of black women who have succeeded in their field and whose career is inspiring.


The one that really touched me is Julee Wilson, digital editor for Fashion and Beauty Essence magazine. She was so happy and excited to be there. One felt in his sobs and her voice how much she had to fight to be there.


Many think that having clear skin makes life in the USA: it is not. Because we have the light or dark skin, racism undergoes is the same.


I remember two sentences of this conference “Our beauty can not be channeled.” and “Empowerment means taking control of her life and do not expect others to validate your decisions or choices.


The beautiful former presenter of JT LCI, former member of the CSA and journalist Kelly Cristine admitted that she currently state in transition and we talked about his work with his K Emergency Association that helps single parents.

Moi avec Christine Kelly

I came away from this panel grows. This confirmed what trotted, for a while, in my head. This made me realize that we have only one life and must use the experience to the fullest. For comfort can become ultimately uncomfortable. Ensuring his back is good but I think that we should not be content with little. We all have a talent and you have to stop listening to that little voice that we love so much repeat “we never get there.” What is wonderful with life is that nothing remains static and the journey of these women amply prove.

I wanted to point that EVERYONE was welcome. I came with my freshly straightened hair and other beautiful women too.

I leave you with this thought and you soon, I hope.



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