New Year = New perspectives

In recent days, a new year has begun. For some, it is a relief and for others, there are new doors that open to them.

Image created by Penie Lenchill

Again, I wish all the best for the year 2016. A year of divine blessings, happiness, love and especially health (because without health, there is not much one can do ).

For my part, I want to change this year 2016 especially for my YouTube platform and my social networks.

I’m trying to make some adjustments that will please you. I intend to talk about hair but not hair THAT.


I refer you to the exterior embellishment of the Black woman and mixed (at the capillary level, beauty, fashion) but also from within embellishment (lifestyle, tips to better manage the vagaries of life and spirituality).

When the soul is shaped, it is seen from the outside: this is why I want to add small changes keys to the platform in terms of it.

This is also why I’ll meet you again (e Friday from 20.30) per month via the Periscope application (my nickname is “BeautyKreyolita) for more live sharing.

The schedule (GOD willing) for the year 2016:

-The Friday, January 21, 2016;

-The Friday, February 18, 2016;

-The Friday, March 10, 2016;

-The Friday, April 7, 2016;

-The Friday, May 19, 2016;

-The Friday, June 23, 2016;

-The Friday, July 21, 2016;

-The Friday, August 26, 2016;

-The Friday, September 23, 2016;

-The Friday, October 14, 2016;

-The Friday, November 18, 2016;

-The Friday, December 15, 2016.


A big THANK YOU for your support, your love and faithfulness: you do not know how much this means to me.


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