Is it possible to have a beautiful skin for summer?

Winter is FINALLY behind us, it is time to host a spring that is for the shy now.

Now, I have a small eruption of buttons that is unusual (in my case). My skin is mixed: I have the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) shining and the rest of the face that is normal.

This is why I decided to update my facial routine for the morning and evening. You can find all products in France and on the Internet for those living in Provence / in the French overseas departments.

In the morning, I pin my routine on two elements: well my complexion matte (because my skin begins to shine at midday) and make the skin bright and clear (because I feel it is duller than usual).

Les produits nettoyants
Les produits nettoyants

First, I use the Nuhanciam cleansing foam on my face moistened with warm water to open the pores and I massage my face for a minute.

I wipe my face with a disposable handkerchief as towels contain many bacteria. Can I use micellar water Nuhanciam to continue cleaning and then I use the famous Sensibio H2O Bioderma to perfect cleaning my face and make my face unless pulled after use of hard water .

Les disques de coton et la boite de mouchoirs à usage unique
Les disques de coton et la boite de mouchoirs à usage unique

I use these two micellar water through the use of a large cotton pad.

Les différents produits pour lutter contre les taches
Les différents produits pour lutter contre les taches

Then, I use different products to reduce the remaining spots on my face and especially make my complexion more even and radiant.

For this, I use a floral water: I use one of the Organic Lavender Sanoflore Laboratories. This water helps cleanse my face, ratify and repupler skin (especially as my hard water).

I use the stain of Nuhanciam serum: this is marvelous because it decreases the spots over weeks of my face, which are mainly located on cheeks and chin.

After I use the dark skin serum 63 brand Syllepse Cosmetics: this is really a big favorite because it is a serum that managed to make my face a lot brighter.

After I apply a solar fluid: I have two, one of Nuhanciam (which is new) which has a 50 SPF and the Embyolisse that has a SPF 30. These two creams are suitable for combination and oily skin. Use sunscreen to protect your face against UVA and UVB but they are essential if you want to succeed in your fight against stains. Because they protect your skin and help to perfect the use of products mentioned above.

Finally, I use a mattifying moisturizer fluid: because even if your skin is mixed skin needs water so we must continue to moisturize to prevent it produce more sebum. Opt for one of the one or Nuhanciam Bioderma which operating perfectly for years on my skin.

In the evening, my routine is much simpler. I pin my routine of moisturizing my skin and fight against stains.

Les produits pour prendre soin de ma peau juste avant de dormir
Les produits pour prendre soin de ma peau juste avant de dormir

Whether I wear makeup or not, I removes ALL night my face (although I confess that on evenings when I come home late, I just want to go to bed :-P).

I use my love of cleansing gel face of the brand Syllepse Cosmetics. This product removes my face gently. This product has a wonderful scent and is certified ECOCERT. Most of this product is that it turns into milk when rinsed the product. I highly recommend it. Then to complete the cleansing of my skin, I use water micellar Bioderma H2O Sébium. This is my favorite micellar water, and it is made especially for combination to oily skin. It does not tug the skin and cleanses the skin well.

Mes disques de coton et mes mouchoirs
Mes disques de coton et mes mouchoirs

I use my cotton pads of the brand Demak’Up and handkerchiefs single use of the Auchan brand.

To continue, I use Nuhanciam stain serum to continue the fight against stains. And I alternate between two products that are the Purifying Renewing Concentrate Bioderma and valuable nutritional oil banana Kadalys: one can purify the skin and reduce stains well, the other helps feed the good skin with a pleasant smell.

Finally, I use the cosmopolitan cream Syllepse Cosmetics. This cream is suitable for all skin types, it perfectly moisturizes the skin without making it bright and is odorless. This is the only moisturizer that I succeeded and I count myself buy one at the end of this month.

And you, do you have a face care routine? If so, what products do you use?

Disclamer: All products mentioned were purchased by my own person, this article is NOT sponsored.

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