Mon beloved planner: Pen to Paper Agendas

2014 was a year of chaos: all I wanted to do, I reportais constantly. I am a victim of what is called procrastination.

According to the Larousse dictionary, this condition is defined as a pathological tendency to postpone, to put action to the next.

At the end of 2014, I promised myself to fight against this scourge and make certain arrangements. For this, I was looking for a real planner to better organize the new year to come but mostly better visualize my projects to avoid being caught short.

A video of the American blogger/vlogger MissLizHeart gave me the desire to procure the Day Designer Whitney English. Unfortunately, in early December he was already out of stock. I was desperate for a planner of the same caliber.

Digging for several hours in the online store Esty, I FINALLY found my happiness with the Pen to Paper Diaries for the year 2015. I was a little hesitant before buying it, my older sister and my friend Nancy thought I was crazy to just over € 60 in a calendar. The suite will prove me right.

I received my package in just under 10 days. All very well packed with a beautiful gray node accompanied by a note from the founder of this planner Jenny Jacob.


I was not wrong in my purchase, planner seems to be great. I feel my life much better organized than before but mostly I hope to be less taken aback with this planner. It’s just a pleasure to sleep ink above. I take her to work even while it is so small it.


Le planner bien couvert et emballé
Le planner bien couvert et emballé

The planner well covered and packed

First, it has color silver ends that I greatly appreciate because it will prevent the planner to have the outlines damaged by time.

It is organized as follows. First, there is every 2015 on a single page. The reverse side of this page to set goals to achieve for the current year. The next page allows down on paper, the ideas that come to your head.

Le beau Pen to Paper Agenda pour l'année 2015
Le beau Pen to Paper Agenda pour l’année 2015

Then, each divider corresponds to a month of the year. I have planned a lot of things until September.

L'introduction du planner
L’introduction du planner

Each day lasts a page and that page is divided into two. To the left of the page, you can put all that one must do in the day. To the right of the page, you can organize your life on social networks (when blogging / vlogging), its publications program but also a whole series of things to do and that are related to our business blogging / vlogging.

As a bonus, there is a kind of removable intermediate that allows us to see what page you are :-).

Voici comment chaque mois comment

It is for all these reasons that I love so much this planner. I recommend it especially if you have several different things and different roles to keep the same time. This planner is truly a gem for all bloggers, vloggers or photographers who want to define the scope of their activity.


See you soon…

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