When the well-being sublime outer beauty

Last Thursday evening, I was at the event “Beauty Gourmande” which was a joint event organized by Audrey Syllepse Cosmetics but also Rita and Sonia of beauty and well-being Bubbles.

Audrey de Syllepse Cosmetics et Sonia de "Les Bulles "(derrière le bar)
Audrey de Syllepse Cosmetics et Sonia de “Les Bulles “(derrière le bar)

I was the first to make ourselves on this cozy place, intimate but mostly pleasant. I was warmly welcomed by Audrey Syllepse Cosmetics and the founding of this space: Rita and Sonia.

Once properly installed, Audrey explains the method of use of all of its products. I had already tested this process was immediately conquered me in April 2014 (I invite you to view photos HERE). I was talking to you later in a future article.

Syllepse 1

This method consists in the following manner:

-the use of gel-remover No. 14;

-The installation and application of exfoliating mask-33;

-application complexion serum (in my case, it will be dyed serum # 64 for dark skin);

-the application of the cosmopolitan cream without perfume No. 16.


Subsequently, Sonia invites me to the basement of this cosmopolitan place to apply this process but also practice shiatsu session. Having had a pretty stressful week of beginning the session fell perfectly.

I finally discovered this practice after the traditional Chinese medicine that involves making a pressure of fingers or palms on the circuits of meridians to restore the circulation of energy in the body, balance the nervous system and release physical and emotional tensions. I was so relaxed, soothed that I almost take a nap.

At the end of this session, I exit with a big smile.

Subsequently, I have benefited a makeup session made a professional makeup artist with the use of the French brand Boho. A surprising or confusing with makeup makeup products with a strong natural composition but in the end, I liked it.


Finally, we were able to enjoy an organic and an organic apple juice fresh carrot juice with fresh organic mint hydrolate ally basil. A surprising taste, natural and tasty to eat.

Succulentes mousses au chocolat avec des fraises fraîches
Succulentes mousses au chocolat avec des fraises fraîches

I tested this hydrosol 100% organic with chocolate mousse and strawberries: it was just delicious.

It was a moment very pleasant to live in the company of women I really appreciate and for sure I would stay in this intimate place with great pleasure.


Thank you to Audrey Syllepse Cosmetics and Rita and Sonia, founder of Space Bubbles for this wonderful moment.


Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored or made in cooperation with these two brands.

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