A jazzy evening with PhytoSpecific

On Tuesday, October 14th, I was invited to the evening Jazzy Hour PhytoSpecific Paris. But a week before the event, Ornella responsible brand marketing contacts me to be their hair model. I hesitate because I had programmed my straightening for 9 October 2014 (I literally was having a crisis because it was nearly 13 months since I had not straightened my hair). Finally I accepted because I like trying out new and I trust PhytoSpecific Paris because they are products of very good quality.


The day arrives, I go to the event with my friend and vloggeuse Kaola YouTube Kako Karter chain. We are among the first arrivals. We are warmly welcomed. Ornella tells me that their American barber-star Frank Walker J is present and that I can introduce myself to him.


Frank is adorable, we converse a bit: we speak especially hair. I warned that it will not be easy since I have dry hair and I have two types of hair on the same head (one natural and the other uncurled). He said that it will do.


Other guests come one after the other and then we attend the conference on the new brand innovation: Termoperfect8.

Le fameux Thermoperfect8 de PhytoSpecific
Le fameux Thermoperfect8 de PhytoSpecific

A unique treatment that allows any type of afro hair (whether natural, relaxed or straightened) to be smooth and protect the hair from heat and especially NOT to change the natural structure of the hair.

Présentation de la nouveauté PhytoSpefic par les représentants de la marque
Présentation de la nouveauté PhytoSpefic par les représentants de la marque

In other words, if you have natural hair you will find the nature of your hair without any worry. In addition, this product contains no formaldehyde in short, total happiness.

After the first two models, here’s my turn. Frankie unravels beforehand, then he goes brushing. Finally, it applies the famous Termoperfect8 on my hair before the passage of the plates.

Test sur mes cheveux en live(cheveux défrisés en long stretching)
Test sur mes cheveux en live(cheveux défrisés en long stretching)

The result is just bluffing, my hair is beautiful, silky, full of life. I’m really conquered because my hair became less and less manageable. I totally valid product especially since it has become one of my new protectors of heat.

Frank told me to cut the tips to faster to refresh my lengths and straighten my hair because over time, my hair would be greatly weakened. Of course I followed his advice two weeks later.

A very big thank you to the team for this PhytoSpecific jazzy evening with exotic flavors and especially to Ornella for inviting me to be a model-hairstyle: I absolutely regret having said yes because straightening was well taken two weeks later (but we’ll talk about in another article).

Here’s the video summarizing my experience as well as some brand products have also conquered me.

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