Protect my ebony skin and hair during summer time

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There is the legend that says that the black skin does not need protection against the sun because it is skin that contains a sufficiently high rate of melanin to protect it.

Remember, ladies, mesdemoiseilles gentlemen that black skin needs protection against UVA and UVB rays like other skins.

Protecting your skin to prevent stains after the holidays

Indeed, this protected skin are avoided spots. I made the unfortunate experience in Madrid, where for 6 months in 2012, I had put ANY sunscreen. Result, on my return to France, I found myself with the skin of the face dotted with spots.

Ma crème visage au quotidien
Ma crème visage au quotidien

Why? Because with good weather added to a subsequent sun exposure to the sun and without protection can lead to the appearance of dark spots and make the spots which were already present, darker.

That’s why I use for a year and a half, fluid matte extreme ANTHELIOS AC brand LA ROCHE-POSAY.

It is suitable for my combination skin to oily, does not make my skin abrasive but we must not put tons at risk for peeling skin.

Protecting your skin to prevent dehydration

In winter, our skin is dry because of low temperatures and wind. In summer, our skin is more dry because it will dehydrate much faster with heat and sunshine.

That is why I intend to use a dry oil, the brand URIAGE Thermal Water SPF 50 is suitable but my sensitive skin that helps protect my skin and hair from sunlight.

Mon huile sèche et mon lait nourrissant après exposition
Mon huile sèche et mon lait nourrissant après exposition

Protecting your skin after sun exposure

It is important to nourish the skin after doing sunbathing because as I said earlier, the skin is dry. In the summer I do not feel the real need to moisturizing balms for my dry and sensitive skin. I prefer to focus on body milks rapidly penetrate my skin after a good moisturizer and scrub weekly.

That is why I intend to use the daily care milky “Sun Capital” after sun brand Vichy Laboratoires is supposed to moisturize and soothe the skin immediately after exposure through the reconstruction of the hydrolipidic film.

Protéger mes cheveux avant,pendant et après exposition

The summer and winter, it should not neglect her hair at risk of brittle hair and split ends in September. This is why we must continue weekly care (shampoo, deep nourishing and moisturizing care), protect with a dry oil that protects hair from the sun, the sea and the pool but also to feed using a moisturizer.

Mes soins capillaires au quotidien
Mes soins capillaires au quotidien

That’s why this summer I’m going to use the protective oil was the RENÉ FURTERER Paris (which I use for over 3 years and has been proven on my hair) but the moisturizer PHYTOSPECIFIC styling of the brand (which I use for over 3 years and I am fully satisfied because my hair in summer and winter are well hydrated.

I also will use the hair mist brand oils and scents I & test immediately after receipt. It leaves hair soft, do not weigh down and leaves no greasy film. I also intend to use the hair gel of the same brand. It does define my regrowth is not drying my hair, does not make cardboardy but more importantly it leaves no residue.

I wish you a beautiful relaxing and full of good humor.


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