My 2013 best of make up

Before reading this new post, I wanted to wish you my best wishes for 2014.

The year 2013 ended, there is a little over 2 weeks and it is time to take stock side beauty of this eventful year. New discoveries and beauty have succeeded with such a concatenation that I became slightly shopaholic (person with a certain addiction to shopping).

I will present throughout this article my favorite products of 2013.

My favorite skincare brand: NUHANCIAM

Around me, there was much talk of this brand which was proven mattes and black skins. In fact, in 2012 I lived for several months in Madrid. Unfortunately, I had not listened to the advice of my older sister told me to apply my sunscreen to protect my skin. At the time, I naively thought that black skin was super resistant to sunlight.

Unfortunately on my return to France, I find that I have plenty of work on my face. I decided to take this problem seriously and I am testing different products such as stain-Clinic (which did not really work on me) and stain-Garnier care (which was rather well). But I was looking for something much more effective and this is where I came across the very good returns Nuhanciam.

I use all the products in this range since June 2013 (with the exception of the unifying moisturizer because I have combination skin) and I am more than satisfied. The condition of my skin has improved a lot and some of my tasks were downright disappeared and my skin tone is both less bright and brighter. It is a brand that I recommend because it has proven itself over me and I find affordable (even for a student budget) knowing that the most expensive product is the anti-stain treatment (which costs 43 €).

I’ll look forward to the announcement of new products that will be available during this new year.

My favorites makeup brands: MAC Cosmetics, Sedona Lace & BHCosmetics

La collection RiriHearts Fall 2013 de M.A.C Cosmetics
La collection RiriHearts Fall 2013 de M.A.C Cosmetics


The year 2013 was rich in makeup brands. MAC Cosmeticsa set the bar high by partnering with the Barbadian singer Rihanna leaving three collections that year. These collections have been a great success since the products (especially the gorgeous lipstick) were out of stock in less than 3 hours and for the latest collection (RiriHearts Holidays), all gone in less than 20 minutes. Lipsticks their promises, for the most dry red a little lip balm is necessary to soften the lips and make the red easier to apply.

My favorite lipstick different collections remains the famous Talk That Talk is a beautiful plum that I constantly use or mix with other red plums lips.

Then one comes to the American brand Sedona Lace created by an American vloggeuse Ren Monteloyola in 2009. It is the mark of my various synthetic brushes of very high quality. Thanks to these wonderful brushes, I can get a more accurate and much better applied makeup. I took advantage of regular discounts (there at least every 2 months) to procure brushes and palettes. The prices are affordable, you can spend less than 70 euros (including postage) for a variety of brushes.

Later, I discovered BH Cosmetics via YouTube videos, I see eg Missy Lynn Start2finishmuaqui was amazing tutorials with pallets costing less than 30 euros. Septic early, I got myself palette BH Party Girls is just great. The colors are bright and mostly it takes a very long time with the help of a good makeup base. We can do a variety of smokey eyes very good. This is a makeup brand that I recommend especially as it is affordable and of good quality.

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